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Team Bryce is a Battle cry for all Cancer Victims. In order to Conquer Cancer you need Attitude...
Kickin this Cancers Butt! - Strong as a Bull and Heart of a Lion embraces and inspires that Attitude...

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Bryce has received emails from all over the world view his guest sign in book and read emails from Alaska, Australia, South America, Germany, France, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Amman- middle east, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Seychelles Islands, South Africa, Pakistan, Bombay India, Taiwan, Philippines and emails from all over the United States.
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We encourage you to mail in your favorite painting or drawing to be added to
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Tell your classmates to become part of Team Bryce and send in their drawings.
Our intentions are to someday publish this website into a book form all monies raised for this project will be donated to Bryce's designated charities on behalf of Cancers Victims everywhere. Furthermore we will frame the artwork and present them to Childrens' Hospitals all over the country. Hopefully this will bring happiness and joy to these ill children and help them forget about their pain....and inspire them to create their own piece of artwork ...

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Date: 9/6/2006
From: Kelly Cummings
Subject: Very Moving Story!
Location: California
Hi Bryce and Family! It's Jared's mom from CVU soccer team. Just checked out your web site and love it! Had no idea what all you have been through. Knew you were special people and can see Bryce's fighting spirit in soccer. His story brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing to hear he's been cancer free for 6 years! Congrats!
Date: 9/6/2006
From: Mitchel Sherman
Subject: Go Pumas!
Location: Newbury Park, CA
Congratulations on being cancer free! You're an awesome soccer player! It has been great having you on our soccer team.

Mitchel #6
Date: 5/14/2006
From: felicia
Subject: i love u
Location: Australia
Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals.
Date: 5/9/2006
From: Ben Mesa
Subject: I am truely inspired
Location: Frisco, TX, USA
Bryce (and family),

I am a 35 year old Lymphoblasitc Lymphoma survivor, and I am truely inspired by your story. Not many people know the courage it takes to be a cancer patient and ultimately a cancer survivor. On the website you mention that the long term affects of cancer are not known, especially the mental affects. I agree that cancer sruvivors seldom talk about their experience because they are not sure people will understand. I am the same way.
Ever since I have been cancer free, I have had several blessings in my life. I finished college, married a beautiful woman, and had two awesome little boys. But all the while there has been a depression I haven't been able to kick. Seeing your website and feeling the inspiration of the "kick-butt" attitude and being able to feel the determiniation of Bryce's mom and dad, it has brought a smile to my face and a happiness to my heart.
I realize that there are a lot of good things in my life and I can't let this depression get the best of me.
My kids are too young to understand what their father when through (4, 7) but they will some day. I feel as if I want to introduce them to you and your family so they can understand what I have always told them. In our family we say "We are not allowed to give up. We don't do that." But up until now they have never had to face a very difficult challenge (THANK GOD!). If they could meet you and hear your inspirational story, maybe they will understand what it takes to be "Stong as a Bull, and have the Heart of a Lion."

Thank you for your story, Bryce.
May God continue to bless you and your family.

Date: 4/28/2006
From: Aneliesse
Subject: heysss
Location: T.O. CA
Heeey Bryce!!!!!
what's up???... 'member me??... haha maybe not.
but well not much's up, i was just stopping by to say hello, i just read your story, amazing. I didn't know about any of that... Well I'm glad you're all good now and stuff... So see ya later and good luck!!
Date: 3/9/2006
From: Sammy Fisher
Subject: To a brave young man
Location: Newbern,TN, USA
You are a very brave young man.My wife is going to treatment now for the same thing.Your web page really touched me,May God bless you and your family
Date: 2/22/2006
From: Bernard Morin
Subject: We Are Still Here
Location: Australia
Hi Bryce,

I dont know if you remember the first time i wrote to you, but it has been a while. I was in Seychelles and now i live in Australia. My wife had Non Hogkin's Lymphoma and managed to beat it just like you did. We had a baby girl, Nikita in May 2005 and she looks just like mum. Nathalie my wife was told she would never have children as we did not have time to freeze her eggs, but God proved to all the doctors that faith can get you anywhere. With no treatment Nikita was born. Nathalie has been in remission since june 2000 and still going strong.
You are a strong kid that gave all of us hope, and for that i thank you. Hope all is going well in your life and you continue to live your dreams.
Bernard, Nathalie & Nikita Morin
Date: 1/22/2006
From: Thomas Farano
Subject: Keep Fighting
Location: Baldwin , New York
Bryce, My son is 14 and was told he Had NHl T Cell (1) year ago. He has one more year to go and he is fighting hard. One thing is for sure he and you are going to give cancer a kick like it has never been kicked before. Keep going strong my friend and remember NEVER GIVE UP.......

A Friend in New York

Date: 1/14/2006
From: Christine Coughlin
Subject: Hope
Location: Modesto, CA, U.S.A.
by Emily Dickinson

"Hope" is the thing with feathers --
That perches in the soul --
And sings the tune without the words --
And never stops -- at all --

And sweetest -- in the Gale -- is heard --
And sore must be the storm --
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm --

I've heard it in the chillest land --
And on the strangest Sea --
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb -- of Me.

Date: 1/4/2006
From: Brandi Rademacher
Subject: thank you
Location: Yelm, WA USA
My best friend just called me on the phone crying that her 12 year old daughter has T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. She found out this Christmas and is a mess. Thank you for your journal and I will e-mail her your story. She is just starting the journey and she has so many questions. She just started a job and is a single mother of 3. Thank you so much for sharing your story and I know it will help her!
Brandi Rademacher
friend is Wendy Jorgenson- Tehachapi, CA
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