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Team Bryce is a Battle cry for all Cancer Victims. In order to Conquer Cancer you need Attitude...
Kickin this Cancers Butt! - Strong as a Bull and Heart of a Lion embraces and inspires that Attitude...

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Date: 2/17/2001
From: Ken
Subject: My name is Ken and Im a coward

My name is Ken & I'm a coward ! For the past 10 weeks I have been having tests for suspected NHL.
Blood tests, bone tests, marrow tests, you know the score! The problem is I have all the symptoms but they can't find what they are trully looking for in order to give me a clear clinical diagnosis. A CAT scan has cleared me of everything except a slightly enlarged spleen. This is the cowardly part. They want to remove it...... & my wife says that they can !!!!! I am the Boss in my house. I know this because my wife said I could be ! But I draw the line when it comes to going under the knife.!!

The reason for me e-mailing you is just to say THANK YOU for giving me that little bit of courage that I lacked.
When I think of all you must have been through & continue to go through what's a little operation.

Thank you for being there.



P.S. My wife for some strange reason has been buying life insurance policies lately. Should I be concerned?
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Julie
Subject: My name is Julie from Toronto
Location: Toronto

Hi everyone
My name is Julie I have just recently been diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma.

I have two children 4 and 11. We are all very scared. I am 30 years old. I am going through my staging right now at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto.

I am happy for you Bryce that your lymphoma has not spread too far. Mom and Dad, good for you not to let the doctors push you away.

Good luck to all of you. Your courage will be in my thoughts.

Julie Juliew@look.ca
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Corrine and Bruce Kanterman
Subject: I think you are a very courageous

Dear Bryce

I think you are a very courageous and adorable little boy. I wish you all the best and send you lots of prayers to help you stay strong and well.

Our son, Ian who turned 5 in Jan. 2000 has just been diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He is scheduled for a ctscan on Monday and a spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration on Wednesday. We are hopeful after reading your story that Ian will remain strong and courageous as you have.

Thank you and God bless you!

Corrine and Bruce Kanterman
Date: 2/13/2001
From: John
Subject: How you doing?
Location: Gravesend in England.

Dear Bryce & family,

I live in a town called Gravesend in England. I came across your web site and was very interested to read about your story. I found your web site whilst looking for information about Lymphoma. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma about a year ago, but it is what is called a 'small B cell follicular Lymphoma' and, like me , it is described as 'indolent' or lazy! I am seen by my hospital every 3 months, and have not needed treatment yet. One day I will.
I hope all is going well with your treatment and that your pre-school at home is going ok.
If there is anything you want to know about England or things around here, just let me know.
I run a holiday company and have just started a web site business finding teachers for schools called www.supplyteachers.com it is probably not that interesting for you?
The holiday company is mainly for kids to go skiing in Europe and to vist places like Europe and the U.S.A and sounds a lot more fun.
I visited the U.S.A for the first time last summer. I went to New York and loved it.
I am sure all is going fine with you. If you feel like it send me an e mail back.
Best regards


Gravesend is where Pocohontas came to in real life!
Date: 2/12/2001
From: Kerry
Subject: Well, its been great to tell you about Sam
Location: Donduck, Perth, Australia

dear bryce,mum and dad, hello my name is kerry and in november 98 my 9 month old sam was diagnosed with non- hodgkins.He is doing wonderfully and yesterday we celebrated his 3rd birthday.We live in W.A. near Perth and they say we have the the best treatment program next to U.S.A.Its been a very long haul for us but we made it throught as you will.Sam has a brother called Luke,who was with him through his treatment,and a new sister Renee who is only 4 months old and is the boss of the house already!
Brice, you are a lucky boy having such a beautiful sister to keep him company when hes not feeling well. Well, its been great to tell you about Sam and look at your web site and best wishes to you all.
Date: 2/10/2001
From: The D. family
Subject: Hang in there Bryce
Location: Australia

Hello Bryce I just read your story, and Id just like you to know that we

too have a little boy named Ashley who was diagnosed with NHL in 1998. He

has just finished his chemo in January this year and is doing very well. I

know the chemo is very hard for you and at times it makes you feel very sick

and weak, but hang in there Bryce, before you know it your treatment will be

all over. I hope that you will continue to be stong and fight the NHL. I

know you can do it. I wish you good luck and good health.

Love and best wished to you and your family from the D. family in


Date: 2/10/2001
From: Bryce
Subject: The other Bryce


This is the other Bryce that wrote you a few weeks ago. So how is
everything going? Everything here is ok. Thank you for writing me back.
Did I tell you that I live in Arkansas? I sure do. We have very cold
weather right now. It started out being very nice day, although now it
is very windy and cold.
In your hobbies you said that you like sports. I like a few sports
also. I like baseball, volleyball, kickball, swimming and playing golf.
My favorite hobby is playing the piano. I have been taking piano for
about 7 years now. I can't sing very well, so I like to put my words and
thoughts into the piano. I wish I had a baby grand, although God has
blessed me with a new keyboard. Have you ever tried to play the piano?
Some people like it, and some people don't. I guess everyone is a little
So, when is your birthday? Mine is june 30th. I bet you get a lot of
neat things on your birthday. I usually do.
Do you have a lot of friends? I have a few. My best friends live 500
miles away from me so I don't get to see them very often.
I have a family of 21. 19 brothers & sisters, a mom & a dad. Three of
the oldest are married and live far away. So it just leaves 18 in the
house right now. We adopt kids who have lost their parents. We adopt
groups of them so they won't have to be split up. That's the reason we
are so big. We homeschool. We love it a whole lot. There are about 100
other homeschoolers in our town. So we see each other a lot.
When we homeschool we can study using Christ in our schoolwork. I
like it better that way. Jesus likes it when we study with him. It makes
him feel very important.
Well, I better let you go. It was nice telling you everything about
me. Sorry if I took up to much of your time. I'm still praying for you


In Him, Bryce
Date: 2/9/2001
From: Jon
Subject: I'm a 37 year old male, I had non-hodgkins lymphona

Bryce,I'm a 37 year old male.Last FEb.26th I found out that I had non-hodgkins lymphona.I have a little girl that just turn two and I'm hoping to see many more.I been in and out of hospitals myself.I live in michigan and its been cold.I've done my chemotherapy,six in all,plus they did gave me something called chops four times.After that I went to the University of Michigan cancer center for a bone marrow transplant.My sister was match.I've been off work since july 20th and dont know when I'll be going back.I'm also on alot of medicine.The doctors tell that I'm doing very well.I go twice a month to the cancer center to check.Being sick is not fun but,you keep up on your school work and do what the doctor say and you and I will beat this.It can be hard for all your family,so do your part. I'll put you in my prayers at night.Be strong and I hope for the best to you.Thanks for sharing your storie. jon
Date: 2/9/2001
From: Sylvie Groulx
Subject: love for Bryce
Location: Montreal, Canada

Hi mom and dad
I came across your web site the other day I read it and I wanted to send you a little message but for some reason I chickened out. But I've could not stop thinking about you so I came back tonight
I'm a 21year survivor of non Hodgkin's lymphoma stage IV, I was 12 when I was diagnosed my tumors was in the neck they gave me 6 month to live but maybe if I responded well I could live 5 years, within 3 years I was in remission . There is something that I wanted to share with you , something I can't forget for the rest of my life, and that is that I would not be alive if it was not for my heroes the people that were there that told they love me my parents. I do believe that love is the key to being cured. And even though they are not with me anymore I still carry them with me in my heart and keep telling people about my heroes, And now that I am a parent I also understand the pain they went through, not the pain I gave them when I used to squeeze the heck out of there hand when they held it everytime a spinal tap was schedule or a bone marrow but the one when you know your child is going through something that should not happen to children.

Children never forget they're Heroes. NEVER

speedy recovery Bryce may you amaze everybody on how well you do

Good luck you all will be in my prayers


Date: 2/7/2001
From: Melissa
Subject: Dear Bryce I am from Tennessee
Location: Tennessee

Howdy Bryce,

I am from Tennessee. I was reading your story because a little girl in my

6th grade class was just diagnosed with the same disease and she will be

going through 2 years of treatment too. You seem to be doing well. I know

you could be a huge encouragement for Rebekah. I will tell her about you if

I get to see her soon. She will start treatments soon, so it could be

awhile. I know, because I too have had cancer ( Ewing Sarcoma), but I am all

better now, thanks to doctors and that yucky chemo.

Stay strong, cutie. I know you can do it. Your in my prayers,

Your Friend,

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