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Team Bryce is a Battle cry for all Cancer Victims. In order to Conquer Cancer you need Attitude...
Kickin this Cancers Butt! - Strong as a Bull and Heart of a Lion embraces and inspires that Attitude...

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Bryce has received emails from all over the world view his guest sign in book and read emails from Alaska, Australia, South America, Germany, France, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Amman- middle east, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Seychelles Islands, South Africa, Pakistan, Bombay India, Taiwan, Philippines and emails from all over the United States.
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We encourage you to mail in your favorite painting or drawing to be added to
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Our intentions are to someday publish this website into a book form all monies raised for this project will be donated to Bryce's designated charities on behalf of Cancers Victims everywhere. Furthermore we will frame the artwork and present them to Childrens' Hospitals all over the country. Hopefully this will bring happiness and joy to these ill children and help them forget about their pain....and inspire them to create their own piece of artwork ...

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Date: 2/17/2001
From: Kerry McCoy
Subject: You are an amazing young fellow

Dear Bryce,
I just wanted to tell you what an amazing story you have shared with others...I am positive it will help other children emotionally that has that path to go down. You are an amazing young fellow and may God bless you for the courage you and your family has taken to speak out. I wish you many many wonderful things in your years to come! You take care of yourself and always wear that smile!!! There are many people who are putting you in their prayers each and every night. May the good Lord share your wonderful success with others...............
Kerry McCoy
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Nekeshia Griffin
Subject: I'm a senior at A.R. Johnson

Hi, my name is Nekeshia Griffin and I'm a senior at A.R. Johnson. I have a paper to do on non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and happened to run across Byrce's story. He's a beautiful little boy and I just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you.
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Daniella
Subject: You are lovely, I hope that you will be cured
Location: Islands of Seychelles
Subj: (no subject)
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 6:13:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Brycemail
To: WCWoodrow

Dear Bryce

I have just learned that my cousin , 48 years old , has Lymphoma. So , I am trying to find out more about the disease. You are lovely, I hope that you will be cured.
I am from an island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius, may be you've heard about it.You can E-Mail me if you feel like.

I have two kids 13 & 16 years old.
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Diana Potts
Subject: When you grow up maybe you'll be a doctor
Location: Indiana

Hi Bryce,
My name is Diana, I live in Indiana. My father just found out in
August of this year that he has non-hodgkins lymphoma too.
You are a very brave little boy and you will beat this! Your photo
was so cute. I have 5 children of my own. Brittany is 9, Courtney is 8
Peyton is 6(he is my only boy, he's spoiled rotten) and I have twins,
Lauren and Hannah they are 3 and will be 4 in January. My husband
has a family member named Bryce, I wanted to use that name but, we
ended up using Peyton instead. My twins go to pre-school but, you
get to stay home and be with mom and dad, and watch cartoons, and
you'll be twice as smart when you do go to school.
My lilltle boy, Peyton was born with a crippling disorder in his arms,
he goes to Riley children hospital in Indianapolis. He has had 3 surgeries
and is doing really well. Maybe you and him could talk on the computer sometime? It's been nice to read your story and I will remember you
in my prayers, Bryce! When you grow up maybe you'll be a doctor
and help others with bad diseases? My son wants to be a doctor.
God Bless You and Your Family,
Diana Potts
Date: 2/17/2001
Subject: I am very proud of your bravery

Hi Bryce!
I just wanted to let you know that I am very proud of your bravery. I have met some very strong boys about your age, but none quite like you. I am sure you already know how loved you are, but I would still like to add my love for you. Congratulations for being such a great person that so many people who have never even met you love you and are praying for you. I hope to continue to hear about how you are recovering.
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Lisa, Bryan, Jordie and Ryan Tripp
Subject: May God Bless and make you healthy.

Hello Bryce and family! What a fun looking bunch you all are. I stumbled upon your website after I was looking up Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Cancer after learning that a 18 year old at our local supermarket has just been diagnosed with this. I wanted to learn more about it, to see if I could get the parents permission to help raise money for his treatments, and all of the other expenses. You see, unfortunately we are very familiar with this scary and vague "cancer" word. My sisters little girl was diagnosed with a "PNET" supraneuroectodermal tumor (I'm sure the spelling is off ), when she was a little over one year old. Her initial outlook was sad. No cure. But boy, you kids are the FIGHTERS! MacKenzie turned six this last August. I am going to show her your picture tommorrow, and if your mom and dad would email me your address, I am sure she would love to draw you a picture and write you a letter. MacKenzie is back in school and walking and TALKING, EVEN AFTER THEY TOLD US SHE WOULD NEVER WALK OR TALK AGAIN. We hope to hear from you, and my two boys would love to send you cards during your hospitals visits, just to help send some fun things to do on those not so fun days. You all have a very Merry Christmas, and may God Bless and make you healthy.

Lisa, Bryan, Jordie and Ryan Tripp
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Margaret Fowler Abrahams
Subject: Your kindergarten teacher

Hello Bryce and Family,

This is Mrs. Fowler your kindergarten teacher from summer school. I just read your article and saw the fantastic photo in the Acorn. What an amazing story and an incredible accomplishment to have battled this illness! I am so proud of your courage Bryce and the strength of your family in getting through this.

I hope you all have a happy holiday season!

Please keep in touch.
Warmest regards,

Margaret Fowler Abrahams
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Catherine Herren
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Brice's Mum & Dad,

I surfed through your website from Geneva, Switzerland. I was very interested to read about your son's illness, since my son, Nicolas, then aged 19.5 years' old had " the children type" of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), but also called Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (early pre-B cell). This is because the oncologists found a lymphoblastic small tumour of bean size in his spine -lower back - it was an unusual location. Nicolas will be 22 in January 01. He was diagnosed in September 1998. Shortly before diagnosis, he suffered from low-back pain (sciatica pain). His blood counts then were still ok, although showing only a very slight anemia - still normal. I was not too worried, since I thought it was a sports injury (he is a Judo black-belt). At that time he also did quite a lot of mountain-biking. So I thought the back pain would originate from these sports. The scan exam showed a possible slipped disk, but the MRI disclosed a small tumour pressing on the nervous endings going out of the spine, hence the low-back pain. Fortunately, his CNS was free of cancer cells, but like Brice, Nicolas had a series of 5 lumbar punctions, as well as CNS (intrathecal) chemotherapy sessions, with Methotrexate. After a neuro-surgery to take a sample of the tumour (the surgeon could not remove it all because of the location in the spine - he could remain paralyzed), Nicolas had an induction chemotherapy session where he stayed 25 days in isolation at the Geneva University Hospital. He was enrolled in a protocol. He had a second (maintenance) chemotherapy - with almost the same chemicals Brice had - another 25 days in isolation. Then the protocol "selected" for Nicolas an autologous bone-marrow transplant. He underwent total body radio-therapy beforehand, coupled with high doses of chemotherapy in order to completely kill his bone-marrow. Before the BMT, of course, blood periferic stem-cells were extracted through his blood and re-injected after treatment. The BMT was performed mid-January 1999. Nicolas is still taking "mercaptopurine" (60mg/daily) + "methotrexate" (10mg/weekly) for a period of two and a half years. He is well today, although prone to flu-like and other types of infectious diseases, since his immunity is not totally recovered - being still on oral chemo.

Just wanted to talk about this case-story to help you throughout the ordeal you had to go through with such a young child, your son, as I know how devastating it was for me and my family when we learned about Nicolas illness. My son was very positive all along his treatment; the oncologists admired his mental strength and courage to undergo these tough treatments - "the price for a cure". Nicolas' positive thinking as well as his family's support helped him to overcome his illness - so he told me. However, at this young age of 5 years old, a child may think he is being punished, somehow; he does not understand very well why him, as for a more mature child/adolescent. Life is so unfair at times, isn't it. Although one gets also positive things out of such illnesses, I must admit !

Would appreciate receiving the latest news about Brice's health. You both have a very courageous and beautiful young boy. I pray for his total recovery.
Big kisses to Brice.

With my warmest regards.

P.S. Have you ever been to Switzerland ? It is a tiny country located in the heart of Europe. Our neibourghring countries are France (at the west), Germany (at the north), Austria (east) and Italy (south).
Date: 2/17/2001
From: Lisa
Subject: I am a nurse in a children's hospital in Texas
Location: Texas

Hi Bryce, I am a nurse in a children's hospital in Texas. I have a patient who has just been diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma and I was looking for information to give him. Your website is so happy and great! I will let Bubba look at it to cheer him up! Thank you, have a GREAT day!
Date: 2/17/2001
Subject: Your story is very inspiring

My son Daniel (2) was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma stage 4 in September 2000. He is undergoing similar treatment. He has one year left. Your story is very inspiring and we wish you all the best. I hope that Santa was good to you this year. He was very good to Daniel. He got to be home with no fever.
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