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Team Bryce is a Battle cry for all Cancer Victims. In order to Conquer Cancer you need Attitude...
Kickin this Cancers Butt! - Strong as a Bull and Heart of a Lion embraces and inspires that Attitude...

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Bryce has received emails from all over the world view his guest sign in book and read emails from Alaska, Australia, South America, Germany, France, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Amman- middle east, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Seychelles Islands, South Africa, Pakistan, Bombay India, Taiwan, Philippines and emails from all over the United States.
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Date: 2/20/2001
From: Xavier Cortada
Subject: You're a champ!
Location: Jackson Memorial Hospital Children's Cancer Clinic

Hey Bryce:

You're a champ! I know because I've seen other champs like you.

Indeed, all week long I've been surrounded by champs all week long. I've been painting a collaborative mural with kids at the Jackson Memorial Hospital Children's Cancer Clinic. It's my second year doing a project there. Last year we created a painting about "Love", all the love shared by the doctors, nurses and kids at the Center. This year, we are creating a mural to be donated to the Mailman Center, another medical center at the hospital.

And that brings me to the "champs" theme. These kids, all cancer patients, could simply sit down and wait for the doctor. They could be sad all the time. They could be angry and upset. They could be hating everything, everyone, even life because of all the bad things that are happening. Things like being stuck with needles, and having to take medicines all the time. But instead they say, "we'll make the best of it." They work together to make things better for one another. And for themselves.

They are the champs.

One of the kids helping me is named Iggy. He's actualy older. Three years ago, when he was 14, he was a patient at the clinic. Since then, he's gotten better. Much better. In fact, the cancer is gone and he's cured.

Instead of turning back or even being angry about his cancer, Iggy decided to come back and volunteer at the Children's cancer Clinic. He's there helping me paint this mural and showing the younger kids that the future is really a whole lot brighter than it may seem. How's that for a champ.

I know you're focusing on getting better now. And that is what you have to do now. But in the future, I can expect getting another email from you telling me how you're helping other kids get through the dark moments.

God bless you. You're a champ!

Xavier Cortada
Date: 2/20/2001
From: Mary Orme and husband Geoffrey
Subject: Have you ever heard of Harry Potter books

Hello Bryce,

I read your story tonight quite by chance. It is very late here - gone
midnight, because I am emailing you from England. How about that!
Where you are right now, it would be about 4 oclock in the afternoon and
sunny. Here it is dark and the stars are out.

My husband has what you have got. He is doing fine and has had lots of
needles and drugs and radiotherapy. He didn't like it at the time, and
told the doctors so. They laughed believe it or not. Anyway, he rides
his motorbike real fast and is happy to be living the life he has.

I think you are a very brave and special little boy. Your mommy and
daddy - not to mention your little siste, are so lucky to have you.

I am so glad I read your story tonight. It made me smile. I am thinking
of you and your family and just want to send you my love and thoughts.
Thank you Bryce. Carry on reading. I am a teacher and reading is so
Love from
Mary Orme (and husband Geoffrey) x x x x x x lots of kisses.

PS. Have you ever heard of Harry Potter books? When you're older, say
about 8 or 9, that's a good time to start reading them. The stories are
Date: 2/20/2001
From: Kim
Subject: Thanks for forwarding the website on to all those from Columbus
Location: Columbus

Dear Robbie and Kelli:
Thank you for your reply. Sarah was diagnosed with NHL t-cell stage IV in March of 97. Her primary site was a mediastinal mass in her chest. She had less than 25% bone marrow involement initially and her CNS was clear of disease. Six months into treatment...she had an isolated CNS relapse....no where else did she relapse. She once again went through intense induction phase chemo therapy...and added 12 cranial and spinal radiation treatments...with chemo injected more intensely intrathecally. She was doing fine after that....until six months later....she had an isolated Leukemia relapse! (Same T-cell disease, but this time she had over 90% of bone marrow involvement....and no other tumors or CNS involvement...so they treated her as a Leukemia relapse the last time) However, her disease was so aggressive, that she did not respond to any kind of chemo they tried the last time. It seemed every time she would get into maintenance chemo...she would relapse! = ( It is as if her cancer cells kept out smarting the chemotherapy. Replicating each time to a different form and moving somewhere else in her body, each time coming back stronger and more resistant! UGH! I HATE CANCER!!

She fought an incredible fight with much endurance! She did not want to surrender to cancer....and wanted to win the war against it! But, the ugly monster invaded her body with such force...it finally over powered her own strength as she became so weakened in the final days of her one month long... final fight in the hospital. = (

Bryce's NHL sounds very curable. B-cell is easier to treat and has more treatment options now available. Also, for the fact that you found it in stage one is an added blessing! You were able to kick this monster's butt before it grew big and strong!

Bryce is such a handsome little boy....my heart went out to him as soon as I saw his pictures on his web site! He looks a lot like the little boy I had always envisioned my little boy would look like...had I had one! (I have two girls). *S* (probably wouldn't look anything like I had imagined...hahahha....but Bryce fits that image I dreamed of!) *Smile*

For the fact that he too has NHL....adds another little piece to my heart, with him...as I too have experienced the same disease with a very precious and much loved child of my own!

Bless you all!

Thanks for forwarding the website on to all those from Columbus! I have a few friends coming from there to participate also!

(give Bryce my love and a big hug)!
Date: 2/20/2001
From: Norm, Linda Doc Kenny Todd Rick Bob
Subject: Every team looks for heroes

Dear Bryce
Every team looks for heroes to look up to. We look for heroes to make us work hard and strive to do better. We look for heroes to teach us not to be selfish and to be thankful for so many things in our lives. Well our race team has found another hero to look up to and that someone is you. From all of us at the Benning motorsports race team-- get well! we would love to meet you at the race track someday and if your mommy doesn't get too nervous maybe we could let you take the race car around the track for a lap or two. It would be a great way to impress all those pretty nurses that help you get better. Thanks for being a hero to our race team.

The Crew

Norm, Linda Doc Kenny Todd Rick Bob

PS check out the website at www.arcaracing.com I think you will like what you see and read.
Date: 2/19/2001
From: Pam
Subject: Keep that attitude up

Keep that attitude up. Being positive is a plus. 16 months may seem like a
long time now, but in the whole picture it is not very long. You can do it
and you will kick it in the butt. You are an inspiration to me. Take care,
Date: 2/19/2001
From: michael palumbo
Subject: I am amazed at how tough and brave you are

my mom was dignosed with nhl 5 years ago and underwent chemo. she's been
o.k. for about 5 years although she never really had a completely clear
catscan. this week some enlarged lymph nodes showed up in her abdomen
and they are going to remove a piece of one to biopsy it. hopefully
everything will be o.k. but if it is back i hope it will be manageble. i
was searching the internet for information and i came upon your website.
i read your story and i am amazed at how tough and brave you are. i know
you said that your life won't be as much fun as other little boy's and
it probably won't but just think about how much better your life will be
when you get older and get past this. you'll still be a little kid and
you'll be able to say that you were tougher than cancer. incidentally
i'm 39 and my mom is 65. i got married in july of 1999 and my wife and
are planning to try and have a baby soon. if i have a son and he is as
tough as you i would be very proud.

good luck, stay strong and you'll be fine!!!

michael palumbo
Date: 2/18/2001
From: Nick and Margot
Subject: We live in France and saw your site
Location: France

Hi, Bryce -

We live in France and we saw your site when we were looking up information about a friend. Would you like to see a picture of our dog? Her name is Io Jima and she is the only Chow Chow in the world that likes to swim. Attached is picture of her in the river behind our house.

You take good care of yourself.

Nick and Margot
Date: 2/18/2001
From: Holly
Subject: My name is Holly and I live in Franklin, TN
Location: Franklin, TN

Thank you Bryce for sharing your story.My name is Holly and I live in Franklin, TN. My special 12 year old niece Caroline just found out she has the same type of cancer.She is in so much pain but the doctors began chemo today and they say she should feel some relief soon!I have printed some of your story to take to Vanderbilt hospital for her to read.She is trying to be strong.I think you are a very strong young man.I will say a prayer for you and Caroline tonight.Thank You again for the positive thoughts you shared!
Date: 2/18/2001
From: Kelly Hackbarth
Subject: Thank You so much for sharing your story

Thank You so much for sharing your story. My name is Kelly and I'm 30 yrs. old. One month before my 25th birthday, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. I tumor formed in my eye.
My daughter was turning 4 yrs. old and I was looking at cancer. I flew out to Will's Eye Hospital , in Philadelphia, where an enucleation of the eye was performed. Will's eye hospital was wonderful and very up to date on the latest medical treatments. I felt comfortable. I just thought any info would help you both and Bryce. Take care of each other, Kelly Hackbarth
Date: 2/18/2001
From: Michael
Subject: Would like a tour of an air force base
Location: Edwards Air Force Base

Dear Bryce,

I just got done reading your webpage, and i wanted
to say thank you. You see, im a young man like
yourself, Im 20 years old, i was told last week that i
had lymphoma. Reading your page gave me alot of
encouragement to see a young man such as yourself
dealing with something that scares alot of adults. I
would like to salute you in your courage in facing
this problem. It really helped my wife when i showed
her your page, it helped her see that alot of people
overcome this. I want you to know that if your ever
in southern california, and would like a tour of an
air force base, I know that Edwards air force base and
myself would love to show a courageous young man such
as yourself around. Thanks again for the
encouragement, and keep out of trouble...
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