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Team Bryce is a Battle cry for all Cancer Victims. In order to Conquer Cancer you need Attitude...
Kickin this Cancers Butt! - Strong as a Bull and Heart of a Lion embraces and inspires that Attitude...

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Bryce has received emails from all over the world view his guest sign in book and read emails from Alaska, Australia, South America, Germany, France, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Amman- middle east, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Seychelles Islands, South Africa, Pakistan, Bombay India, Taiwan, Philippines and emails from all over the United States.
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We encourage you to mail in your favorite painting or drawing to be added to
Team Bryce Children of the World Art Gallery.
Tell your classmates to become part of Team Bryce and send in their drawings.
Our intentions are to someday publish this website into a book form all monies raised for this project will be donated to Bryce's designated charities on behalf of Cancers Victims everywhere. Furthermore we will frame the artwork and present them to Childrens' Hospitals all over the country. Hopefully this will bring happiness and joy to these ill children and help them forget about their pain....and inspire them to create their own piece of artwork ...

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Pay It Forward help us raise the total
Total monies raised on behalf of Bryce through special events, in kind donations, and his designated charities is...

If you'd like to make a donation to help others below are Bryce's designated charities...

If you donate on behalf of Bryce Arenson, please reference Bryces' name on your check.
Let us know you've done so by signing our Guestbook so we may be able to track the donation.
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Date: 9/3/2002
From: Olja Finn
Subject: greetings
Location: Pittsburgh
Hi, Bryce!
My whole team is happy to see you looking big, strong and healthy. We are working hard in our laboratory to find ways to fight cancer and as you know, your family is helping us by raising money for our research. We hope to see you at the next Hoops for Cure in Pittsburgh.
Love from the Finn Team
Date: 9/12/2002
From: YaSung Chuang
Subject: You are honored
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Hi Bryce,

I am YaSung from Taiwan. I read your web and get to know about your story. I really think you are very brave. I really appreciate your courage and determination. The life is full of challenge but we can not expect we will not have difficulties in our life. The best thing we can do is always be prepared to receive any challenge. I admir you fully understand this point in your early age. Hope everything is going well for you and all the best in the future.

Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 9/5/2002
From: Ichiro
Subject: Hello
Location: Seattle

My agent Tonyh told me you were fighting and wiining a battle against cancer. Please keep on wining because when you try hard, good things happen. I have told Tony to send you something from me so please call him to get a surprise.

Be well my friend.

Date: 9/2/2002
From: Debbie & Gary Berner
Subject: Donation on your behalf
Location: Greenwich,Connecticut
We appreciate your courage and desire to help others suffering from cancer.
We are sending a donation to Hoops for a Cure in honor of you Bryce and Gary's sister, Rosemarie Smith who died of pancreatic cancer two years ago.
Keep strong, Gary and Debbie
Date: 8/30/2002
Subject: Long time no hear
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
My darling Bryce,

I was so pleasantly surprised this evening upon opening all my e-mails and seeing yours with the fantastic website outlining your very unique story.
I have been thinking of you so often, and wondering how you were keeping, and please forgive me for not corresponding of late.
I am so thrilled to hear of your good health. Keep it up and may you always
live with the strength of your late grandfather.

Love to your Mom, Dad and sister.
Please note the change of my e-mail address !!
Love you lots
Date: 9/3/2002
From: laura benson
Subject: Bryce & Austin
Location: Camas, Wa

I found your website when my son Austin,
(he's 11)was diagnosed in April of 2002
with the exact same type of cancer,
orbital tumor, left eye, b-cell
lypmhoblastic lymphoma. It was such a
comfort to me, especially how your parents
listed out the dates and the treatment,
so his father and I could see exactly
what we were looking at.
We finnally have reached a point (w/your
help). That we know we can beat this!!!
Austin is in the interium maintanance
phase and will start delayed intesification
in Oct. He's bald and sometimes grouchy
and most of the time tired...but we cut
him break because we love him!!!
thanks go out to you and your family
and all the other brave Cancer survivors
...love the Benson Family...
Date: 9/6/2002
From: Judith Lewis
Subject: Thank You
Location: Los Angeles
On behalf of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles, THANK YOU! for all your support.

Judith Lewis
Date: 9/4/2002
From: Alexa,Taylor,Austin & Steele Graham
Subject: Team Bryce- lets make a difference
Location: Paradise Valley,AZ
Hey Bryce, It's Alexa, Taylor, Austin & Steele Graham. We are sending a check for $ 53.27 to Camp Ronald Mcdonald on your behalf. This is money that we earned by selling our toys.
Date: 9/4/2002
From: Carol Horvitz
Subject: Best Wishes
Location: Los Angeles, California
Bryce, I work at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, but I don't get to go to Camp all the time. My office is closer to your house in Los Angeles. We help make the plans for Camp. I hope you are having a great summer.

I think your website is awesome and we are going to tell other people about it, so they can learn about you and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.

Happy camping,

Carol Horvitz
Date: 9/1/2002
From: Chloe Ramos
Subject: Donation to Help!
Location: Anaheim, California
Hi Bryce,

I asked my mom to show me the Dolphin video again cuz I think it is really cool that you got a wish to come true!! I asked my mom if I could help to make it so other kids could have a wish come true... We thought really hard about how I could help and I told her that I would take the money that I earn (cleaning my room) and spend riding horses at the park for one month and send it in to Make A Wish. So, my mom is sending $12.00 to Make A Wish... I know this will make another kid be able to be happy too!

Keep smiling
Love, Chloe Jane
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