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Team Bryce is a Battle cry for all Cancer Victims. In order to Conquer Cancer you need Attitude...
Kickin this Cancers Butt! - Strong as a Bull and the Heart of a Lion embraces and inspires that Attitude...

Team Bryce in conjunction with the American Cancer Society / Relay for Life Event,
has raised over $75,469 for the last 12 years.

Team: a group ,organization, or community formed to work togther
Team Member: one of the parts of or individuals in a particular group, organization, or community
Team Work: the work or coordinated effort of a team or group of people to produce a desired result.
Team Spirit: disposition or character as marked by certain qualities such as courage and energy.
Team Mission: the purpose guiding such a group of people.
Team Goal: a result or end that one desires and works for; aim or purpose

Team Bryce: is all of the above…..and much more!!!!!!
As in the spirit of Team Bryce the same holds true for Bryce's Story " It is not just about Bryce"
Bryce's Story is one of many, actually there are too many stories out there like Bryce that haven't been told…..
Cancer is a disease that has touched us all…Cancer discriminates against no one…
Cancer is attacking our children, families, friends,neighbors, and people at alarming rates all over the world.
Cancer is everywhere…..
Cancer created this opportunity, so we need to take responsibilty, promote awareness, get involved, and help others in their fight…
It takes a Village to Kick Cancer's Butt!
Click on the images below to view the Relay for Life Photo Gallery. 

Bryces' Story is being told:
To inspire other survivors to share their stories of triumph over tragedy and tell how their courage and strength helped them in Kickin this Cancer's Butt! ….[This is working view Bryce's guest sign in book]
To show the newly diagnosed patients first hand what they are up against in their battle…How they to will become Strong as a Bull and have a Heart of a Lion to Conquer this Cancer with attitude ,determination and dignity..
To help the parents/caregivers of the newly diagnosed find their way through all the fear, distress, and the unknown..With hope, encouragement, faith and a little humor….
To demonstrate the resolve and resiliency of these children and how we as adults can learn from them," Children are the real heroes and champions of the world"…
To offer a support system and provide resources to anyone who is seeking answers to their questions…

[Main purpose of Bryce's message board and Link page]

To remember those who had the Heart of a Lion and were Strong as a Bull, but lost their Battle to Cancer like his Beepaw and so many others…
To enlighten everyone with the fact that family, friends, and people from all over the world showed so much compassion,insight and support to our family when we needed it most….
To remind us to keep Life in Perspective ..Life is a daily challenge and everyday is a good day ..
Yes even the bad ones….Remember to smile through adversity…..
To inform parents to be persistent and seek second opinions when it come to you childrens health.
You know when something is wrong.Go with your gut instincts…

To create a fun way for Bryce to talk about his cancer..Bryce reads every email and he sees that people care about him and that other people have Cancer too..

Bryce was sitting on my lap reading emails and he turns around to me and says " Daddy do all these people have cancer too" I said a lot of them do and a lot of them are just hoping you get better…

He turns around and says Hmmmm and reads the next email….Then after a while I go back to the home page and listen to the Rocky music with him and look at pictures of him during treatment and we talk a little about it…

We also discuss how his beepaw lost his battle with cancer and is in heaven watching over us…
Everyday gets a little better and he is starting to open up to his mommy and daddy…

But nobody touches his scars…at least when he is a wake….but Kelli and I kiss them when he is sleeping …
hoping they will go away…

Kids will not discuss cancer with you at first..It takes time..just be aware that kids are very smart and don't want to see their mommy and daddy worry…

There have been numerous studies on the long term effects of Childhood Cancer and to this day there are adults that are survivors of childhood cancer that refuse to speak about it..That is a heavy burden to carry through the years..

We don't want that for Bryce or any child..That is why we are embracing this challenge so we can learn from it and help others…

Just the other day we were driving in the car [ out of no where] Bryce asks...Daddy once we find a cure for Lymphoma will we still raise money??? I asked what do you want to do??? Bryce said keep raising money daddy....I told him we will continue to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer and any other cancers and diseases that need money for research....and that he will continue raising money even when he is 40 and 50 years old...and he said ok daddy....
Even at a young age children realize they need to help others....and get involved....

Get in the game and be part of the team, and assist Team Bryce at Kickin This Cancer's Butt !

Strong as a Bull and the Heart of a Lion
oxooxoxox Kelli & Robbie and Bryce & Brooke

Bryce's Message Board was created so everyone could Sound off and Be Heard….
Hopefully this will become a community platform for you to get answers to your questions.
Subject matter is limitless and responses will be numerous from differerent people all over the world…
If you don’t' ask you will never know…

How you can help?
Pay It Forward
help us raise the total
Total monies raised on behalf of Bryce through special events, in kind donations, and his designated charities is...

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If you donate on behalf of Bryce Arenson, please reference Bryces' name on your check.
Let us know you've done so by signing our Guestbook so we may be able to track the donation.
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